Almeria hosts the first edition of the international congress on Tourism and Blue Economy "Sun&Blue" - Sun&Blue Congress


Almeria hosts the first edition of the international congress on Tourism and Blue Economy "Sun&Blue"

Almeria hosts the first edition of the international congress on Tourism and Blue Economy "Sun&Blue"

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The Sun&Blue Congress, the inaugural gathering addressing Blue Economy's application in the European tourism sector, is set to take place in Almería from November 15th to 17th.

Published 8 months ago

The event will be held at the "Cabo de Gata - Ciudad de Almería" Exhibition and Conference Center. This congress is promoted by beon. Worldwide and is sponsored by the Andalusian Ministry of Tourism, Culture, and Sports, the Almería City Council, the Almería Provincial Council, and the Andalusian Ministry of Sustainability, Environment, and Blue Economy.

This congress arises from the global challenges that institutions, businesses, and science must confront to build a more sustainable world. It underscores the pivotal role of tourism as a driver of Blue Economy and economic activity along coastlines, seas, rivers, and lakes. Moreover, it highlights innovative business strategies and progressive public policies that are transforming the way business is conducted and destinations are developed, aligning with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

During three days, stakeholders in the tourism sector, including hotel chains, gastronomy groups, tour operators, travel agencies, and other tourism-related entities, along with those responsible for the marine environment and natural resource conservation, will collaborate to move from theory to joint action. They will share strategies, success stories, and establish high-level relationships in order to innovate, differentiate and stand out in terms of Blue Tourism, Sustainability and Impact Economy. 

Sun&Blue Congress is an annual event featuring prominent national and international speakers that will position coastal destinations, as well as the infrastructure and services operating in seas and oceans, in the spotlight. It also has the support of more than 25 national and international organizations, entities and associations related to tourism and the Blue Economy, such as Turespaña, Segittur, CEOE (Spanish Confederation of Employers' Organizations), CEA (Andalusian Confederation of Employers), WestMED, AMETIC, Suncruise Andalucía, Atlazul, ASEMPAL (Business Confederation of the Province of Almería), Ecomar Foundation, ICTE (Spanish Tourism Quality Institute), FEAPDT (Spanish Federation of Marinas and Tourist Ports Associations), ADEAC (Environmental and Consumer Education Association), Sustainable Restaurants Foundation, RECI (Smart Cities Network), Digital Tourism and Coastal Chair at the University of Malaga, Discover Foundation, Andalucía Ecoactiva, ADESTIC (Cluster of Innovative Companies for Tourism in the Valencian Community), and Andalusian Institute of Professional Diving – Benalmádena Diving Center.

Notable sponsors include the Almería Chamber of Commerce, Cosentino Group, Macenas Resorts, Barceló Hotel Group, MINI Spain, Almería Port Authority, Esri Spain, Ecovidrio, Amadeus IT Group, Acuarea, Acciona, Nomads Pro, Biorizon Biotech, and Iberia.





Congress Agenda

Sun&Blue Congress will feature a main auditorium hosting keynote speeches by industry leaders, roundtables, and specialized vertical panels on sustainability, mobility, accessibility, new business models and entrepreneurship, technology, artificial intelligence, gastronomy, water sports, talent attraction, economics, financing, natural resources, coastal heritage, and infrastructure. There will also be an exhibition area focused on opportunities for startups and established companies to present their standout projects, network, and establish collaborations among attendees.

The agenda of Sun&Blue Congress will be tourist-centric. The aim is to prioritize tourist satisfaction, the quality of experiences, service accessibility, and the long-term sustainability of activities. It will also emphasize the role of destination residents, addressing their economic sustainability and employability.

In addition to the main agenda, several unique activities are planned during and throughout the year leading up to the second edition of the congress. Activities include beach clean-ups and urban furnishings made from fishing nets collected from the seabed, a photography exhibition showcasing natural resources, sustainability and responsible food education in schools, and the Sun&Blue Awards, recognizing outstanding businesses and destinations for their innovation and sustainability efforts.

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Why Sun&Blue Congress

Blue Economy promotes economic growth by prioritizing the preservation of marine ecosystems and environmental sustainability. Blue Tourism is central to the European Union's Blue Growth strategy.

Sun&Blue Congress aligns with the 2030 Agenda, where sustainable tourism holds a firm position. Tourism can directly or indirectly contribute to all Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by promoting inclusive and sustainable economic growth, responsible consumption and production, and the sustainable use of oceans and marine resources.

Furthermore, the congress aligns with the overall goals of the Sustainable Blue Economy Strategy of the Andalusian Government, aiming to boost economic sectors related to the seas and coasts of Andalusia, making them engines of socio-economic development within the autonomous community, all within an innovative and environmentally sustainable framework.

According to the 2022 EU Blue Economy Report, established Blue Economy sectors directly employed nearly 4.45 million people in 2019 and generated approximately €667.2 billion in turnover and €183.9 billion in gross value added. The Blue Economy accounted for 1.5% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the European Union as a whole and 2.3% of employment in the 27 member states.

In Spain, in the same year 2019, the Blue Economy contributed €30.4 billion to the national gross value added and generated 834,696 jobs, representing 19.1% of total employment in the European Union.


In Andalusia, with its 945 kilometers of coastline and two coastlines (Atlantic and Mediterranean), the Blue Economy contributes more than 300,000 jobs through approximately 5,000 SMEs directly linked to the marine environment. Blue Tourism alone contributes more than €17 billion to the Andalusian economy, accounting for 10.5% of the region's GDP.


Almería as the Congress Destination

Sun&Blue Congress has chosen Almería as its destination due to its privileged location, diverse tourism offerings, favorable climate, spectacular natural spaces, and 200 kilometers of coastline. It also boasts ample sunshine and significant resources, making it an ideal territory for research into environmentally sustainable renewable energies.

Almería's climate allows for year-round tourism, enabling it to champion a sustainable tourism model without overcrowding.

Furthermore, since 2021, Almería has been home to the Sustainable Tourism Chair, which aims to disseminate knowledge and apply results in the field of sustainable tourism throughout Andalusia.

In general, Andalusia and Almería, in particular, possess the track record, natural resources, and ideal business environment to lead the way in Blue Tourism in Europe.