Sun&Blue Congress

01. Coasts
and Beaches

1. Conservation of Coastal Ecosystems and Responsible Tourism
2. Innovation and Technology in Coastal Destination Management
3. Sustainable Luxury Tourism: Opportunities and Challenges

02. Culture
and Gastronomy

1. Strategies to Combat Seasonality in Tourism through Culture and Gastronomy
2. Promoting Youth Employment in the Tourism and Gastronomy Sector
3. From Sea to Table: Sustainable Aquaculture in Gastronomy

03. Sports

1. Major Sporting Events as Drivers of Sustainable Tourism
2. Development of Responsible Sports Infrastructures
3. Sports Tourism and Blue Economy: Opportunities for Local Development
4. Education, Sports, and Awareness on Marine Conservation

04. Technology

1. Real 5G for a New Blue Economy: Use cases in the Technological farefront
2. Blue Digital Twins: Modeling the Future of Tourism
3. AI for Blue Destinations: Artificial Intelligence for Sustainable Destinations
4. Blue Data Spaces: The Data Revolution in the Blue Economy

05. Energy

1. Renewable Energies and Clean Technologies in Marine Environments: Opportunities and Challenges
2. Integration of Clean Energies in the Tourism Industry
3. "Future Visions: Driving Innovation and Sustainable Energy Projects in Ports".

06. Financing

1. Policies and Regulatory Framework for the Financing of the Blue Economy
2. Innovative Financing Models for Blue Tourism
3. Challenges and Strategies for Financing Startups in the Blue Economy

07. Hospitality

1. The Social Role of Hospitality: Innovation and Sustainability in Hospitality for the Blue Economy
2. Green Construction and Operations in the Hotel Sector
3. Green Marketing and Market Strategies for Sustainable Hotels

08. Islands and

1. Adaptation to Climate Change and Resilience in Coastal and Island Territories.
2. SMART WATER: Innovations in Water Management for Sustainable Tourism.
3. "Islands as Unique Tourist Destinations: Specialization in Exclusive Experiences"